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Before using our website, please read these terms of use. For any questions feel free to contact us via email: info@unikat-immobilien.com.

In general
These terms of use prescribe the terms and conditions for the use of the website www.unikat-immobilien.com and its subdomains and sub-directories by end users. These terms and conditions apply to all of our websites, applications and social networks profiles, whether accessed via computer, mobile device or in any other way.
By using this website, end users agree to the terms and conditions described herein and they agree to the use of the website. The right to use the website is a personal right of the end user, and cannot be transferred in any way to other natural or legal persons. The end user is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of passwords, if any do exist.
The end user is aware of the fact that sometimes there are interruptions in services, or events that are beyond our control. For this reason, we are not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the transmission of information on the Internet. We strive to make our websites available at all times, but for a variety of reasons, such as routine maintenance, the pages may sometimes not be available. The end user agrees and accepts that for any reason access to the Website may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily unavailable or disabled.
We reserve the right to modify or discontinue any segment of the business at any time, including, but not limited to, content, availability time, and equipment required to access or use the site. Furthermore, we may stop sending information, we may change or discontinue the method of data transfer and the speed of data transfer, as well as any of their other characteristics.
By using this website, the end user agrees that any legal disputes that may arise as a result of using the website fall within the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court in Pula or the Commercial Court in Pazin in accordance with actual jurisdiction, and are resolved in accordance with positive regulations oft he Republic of Croatia.
By using this website, you declare that you are familiar with and agree to the terms and conditions set out here.

Change of these conditions
We reserve the right to terminate or amend the terms and / or conditions set forth herein at any time without prior notice. Therefore, we ask users to regularly read these terms and the conditions of data privacy for current information. If you continue to use our website after any changes, this presents an acceptance of the current terms and conditions. Any changes to the terms and conditions of use will take effect at the time of publication on the site.

Responsibility for equipment
The end user is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of his computer equipment, including all software and hardware used and any other equipment necessary to access and use this website, and is responsible for all related costs. We accept no liability for any damage to end-user equipment that may result from the use of this website.

End user behavior
The transmission and publication of inappropriate obscene, offensive, vulgar, threatening or rude or otherwise unacceptable or illegal content is prohibited, as is content that infringes any of the rights of any party or contains viruses or other harmful material. The end user is liable for any damage caused by the violation of any right or for any other type of damage that may arise from it. We reserve the right - but not the obligation - to delete user messages in whole or in part.

Intellectual property
The content of this website is protected by copyright belonging to the company UNIKAT IMMOBILIEN ISTRIEN d.o.o. This site contains trademarks, names of individuals and other similar intellectual property owned by the company UNIKAT IMMOBILIEN ISTRIEN d.o.o. Permission must be sought for any partial or total use or duplication. The use of any material on this site in connection with the sale or offering of products or services of any kind is prohibited.

For any damage or injury (including, but not limited to, special or consequential damages) resulting from the use or inability to use any part of the website, the company UNIKAT IMMOBILIEN ISTRIEN d.o.o. does not answer. We strive to ensure that the information on our website is accurate, complete and current, however, we cannot be held responsible for the same.

Data Confidentiality Statement

UNIKAT IMMOBILIEN ISTRIEN d.o.o. protects the privacy of its users. We collect certain information about users and clients and inform users about how we use them. We have presented more detailed information on our website https://unikat-immobilien.com/o-nama/pr.