3D house tour

For sellers, landlords, architects and all other interested persons, we offer real estate recording with 3D technology. The result of the recording is a 3D documentation that allows the real estate to be viewed virtually on the screen and in this way to get a better impression than is possible with only pictures. In addition, floor plans and a view of the property from the so-called "dollhouse" perspective, which means a movable view of the property from above, are formed from the recorded material.

In order to better imagine what a 3D tour looks like, you can visit our office in Poreč via this link:

What is the procedure? We come to the property and record the entire property with a special camera. The garden is also included in the recording, if the property has one.

If you have any questions or want to order a 3D recording, we are happy to be at your disposal and look forward to exciting new projects!

Your Unikat team

Price list
Apartment gross -with included VAT in EUR net – without VAT
in EUR
Apartment with 2 bedrooms 150 120
Apartment with 3 bedrooms 175 140
More bedrooms By agreement  
House (inner and outer space)    
House with 2 bedrooms 200 160
House with 3 bedrooms 225 180
House with 4 bedrooms 250 200
More bedrooms By agreement  
Hosting via Unikat 100 EUR per year 80 EUR per year
Own payment of client hosting 135 EUR per year 108 EUR per year

Arrival on site: up to 20 km around Poreč included in the price. For properties at a greater distance, travel costs are calculated additionally, depending on the kilometers. Each kilometer over 20 km is charged at EUR 0.50 per km, in two directions.
For example: The property is 50 km from Poreč, the first 20 km are not counted, the remaining 10 km are charged at EUR 0.50 per km for each direction => 20 km (10 * 2) = EUR 30 for arrival on site.